Sven Väth

Sven Väth was born 26th of October 1964 in Obertshausen (near Frankfurt), Germany. Already in childhood Sven is reflected far more active and wilder than his peers, and as he claims - in 1982 broke his puberty into such an extent that the "little Sven" becomes an entertainer. In the same year, he gets a residency at club Dorian Gray and fully penetrates in the perverse German fashion of 80s, based on the colorful costumes and the cult of David Bowie.

A year later Sven starts to play at club Vogue, where he presents himself as unknown DJ and promoting his style of playing and shows. Champagne flowing all over the place and other reckless excesses, this all is unusual for this period of time. A year later Sven becomes the permanent Dj on the weekends and starts to build his own fan base.

In 1984 a new style of house music comes into Europe and clubs are becoming a haven for a gay community. In 1986 Sven starts to work on his international reputation while working in Ibiza and after returning to Frankfurt becomes a member of the band OFF (Organization For Fun), which released the legendary single "Electrica Salsa".

You may have noticed his perfect dance creations that exactly two years after the release of this single, Sven goes to present live in Paris. After a few months he returns to perform at club Vogue, which he soon buys with his colleagues from OFF. The whole club is under reconstruction and gets the name Omen. Sven has never been faithful just one style of music, so he produces a house music tracks and the same time also collaborates with Jean Michel Jarre.

At the beginning of 90s, Sven starts to focus on trance and techno. He also travels all over the world. In 1994 the newspapers describes him as "the only German pop star," which gives him the strength and begins to work on the album "The Robot, The Harlequin And The Ballet Dancer", which later appeared as a remix album in collaboration with Underworld , Speedy J, B-Z and others. About two years years later Sven runs a new brand COCOON, as a tour, which passed with the major German cities and subsequently North America. In the area of ​​production Sven begins to penetrate into film music (film The Cold Finger).

In 1995, music magazine Mixmag ranked his album "Accident in Paradise" among the 50 best dance albums of history, although the first track is in techno style, the rest is much calmer, such as track "Coda," which includes only flute and harpsichord. In collaboration with Virgin Records in 1998, Sven has released the album "Vision", where we can find elements of techno, house, trip hop and electro. With this album he goes on a world tour, which takes place on all continents!

At the turn of the millennium Sven Väth is fully focused on his brand Cocoon Recordings and tries to connect music with other art movements, especially architecture and overall visual aspect parties. Culminating in 2005, building one of the most luxurious clubs in Europe, with a surprising name, COCOON.

In 2000 comes out one of his first legendary series of mixed compilations "Sven Vath In The Mix - The Sound Of The First Season" and shows his Dj art at major festivals such as I Love Techno, Dance, Rave on Snow and Mayday, and newly gaining residency in one of the most famous clubs in Ibiza - at Amnesia. The same year he decides to dust off his dance  moves in a joint clip with Miss Kittin - remix of the famous hit Je t'aime ... moi non plus.

Sven continues his tour, combining all the other forms of music art, and during several hours of his sets, he is always trying to offer the audience the most intense experience. In 2008, while he is on vacation in Thailand, he marries his longtime girlfriend Nina Peter, in the style of traditional Buddhist ceremony. Although Sven Väth may act as a bohemian, this is an incredibly hardworking person who is constantly trying to develop the brand Cocoon, discover new talents, musical experience to move into the higher dimensions while you can enjoy each party to the fullest, as his youth! Besides, try to research about Sven Väth and you will have hours of quality entertainment done.

Sven Väth is one of the founders of trance music labels - Harthouse and among the first DJ's to play trance records. Sven Vath is an element, it's a party animal, it's a person loved by people all around the world, it is a guarantee a high class of entertainment experience and a master of amazing sets that will take you through the universe!

Date 02/25/2013

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